1. rigid, firm, unpliable, inflexible, unmalleable, unbending, unyielding, resistant; impervious, impenetrable, impregnable, repelling, unassailable, rugged; brittle, crisp, dried-out, Inf. stiff as a board.
2.(all of a person or animal) unlimber, not supple, unbendable, arthritic, rheumatic, gouty, Inf. creaky, Inf. frozen, Inf. musclebound, Inf. out of shape.
3.(all of a beverage) strong, potent, alcoholic; fermented, corned, turned; overpowering, Sl. pickling, Sl. packing a wallop, enough to grow hair on one's chest or on a cueball.
4. resolute, unyielding, taut; determined, decided, set, set upon, resolved, confirmed; staunch, authoritative, authoritarian, autocratic; stubborn, intractable, obstinate, pertinacious, hard-line, obdurate, intransigent; unrelenting, unflagging, dogged, indomitable, relentless, inexorable, plodding; tenacious, gritty, Inf. hellbent, Inf. stick-to-it-ive.
5. consistent, unchanging, steady, stable, balanced, even, constant; unchangeable, unalterable, changeless, immutable, invariable; irrevocable, irreversible, indissoluble, irrepealable; abiding, enduring, durable, deep-rooted, deep-seated, longstanding; steadfast, unwavering, unswerving, unflinching, unfaltering, undeviating, unhesitating, true.
6. strong, forceful, powerful, fresh, spanking, vigorous, steady, pounding; keen, brisk, intense, persistent, gusty, gusting, howling, smacking.
7. formal, unrelaxed, reserved, constrained, restrained, Sl. uptight, starched, strait-laced; prim, priggish, prudish, puritanical, old-fashioned, old-school; strict, rigid, exact, precise, punctilious, stuffy, proper, decorous, ceremonial, ritualistic; elaborate, Sl. veddy-ved-dy proper; elegant, pretentious, pompous; cold, chilly, unfriendly; unreceptive, exclusive, snobbish, standoffish, Inf. offish, aloof.
8. gauche, awkward, ungraceful, graceless, clumsy, inelegant; gawky, bumbling, maladroit; all-thumbs, having two left feet, unhandy, unskillful, inept, bun-glesome, bungling, Inf. klutzy; ungainly, lumbering, lubberly, like a bull in a china shop; unpolished, unmannered, uncouth; unrefined, cloddish, coarse; provincial, unsophisticated, Inf. hick, Inf. off the farm, Inf. country, Inf. not with it.
9. laborious, difficult, hard, fatiguing, arduous, strenuous, heavy, toilsome; uphill, full of obstacles, Herculean, Inf. wicked, Inf. rough, Inf. tough, Inf. nasty; rigorous, exacting, painstaking, challenging; tedious, unmitigating, seemingly endless, infinite; tiresome, boring, Inf. deadly, Inf. a drag; knotty, complicated, complex, involved; trying, deep, profound.
10. severe, harsh, stringent; unsparing, punitive, to the full extent of the law; inclement, merciless, avenging, revengeful; ruthless, vindictive, oppressive, cruel; excessive, unusually great or heavy, unwarranted; immoderate, extravagant, undue.
11. thick, solid, solidified, close, compressed, pressed, dense, compact, condensed; flinty, stony, steely, concrete, petrified, ossified, hardened, lithoid, marblelike, granitelike; substantial, stout, fixed, stable, sound; set, tight, secure, fast; tough, horny.
12.Slang.a. corpse, body, dead body;b. prude, prig, priggish person, puritan; snob, Inf. bluenose, pedant, precisionist, purist, formalist; fuss-budget, fusspot, Inf. fuddy-duddy, Inf. old biddy, Inf. biddy; pettifogger, Inf. nitpicker, stickler, Inf. stick-in-the-mud.c. miser, niggard, skinflint, Sl. skin, Sl. cheapskate, Inf. piker, muckworm, Sl. cheap screw, pennypincher, pinch-penny.d. drunkard, drunk, inebriate, sot, soak, tippler; tosspot, toper, barfly; alcoholic, chronic alcoholic or drunk, dipsomaniac; hard drinker, serious drinker; All Inf. guzzler, swiller, soaker, sponge, lovepot; All Sl. boozer, boozehound, lush, souse, rummy, wino, alkie, juicehead, hooch hound, gin hound, swillbelly, swillpot, stew, stewbum, elbow-bender.
13.Slang.a. fellow, individual, chap, guy, duffer, gaffer, Inf. customer, Brit. Sl. cove, Sp. hombre. codger.b. laborer, worker, working man, Inf. working stiff; day laborer, field hand, manual laborer, blue-collar worker; hired man, drudge, coolie, peon, plodder, proletarian.

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